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Putera Lengkong in collaboration with Choice Management Consultants presents this powerful series of workshop :

Two Days Workshop



1-2 April 2009

08.30 am – 05.00 pm

Choice Learning Center

Gedung Arthaloka, Lantai 11, Suite 1107

Jl. Jenderal Sudirman 2, Jakarta 10220


Rp. 1.750.000,- per person

(including material, certificate, lunch, and coffee break)


Choice Management Consultants

Tel. 251-1460, 251-1462 Fax. 251-1459




A. Program Background :

Generally employee in mid level likes being passive and waiting orders from his/her superior. They forget or sometimes are ‘shy’ to give feedback to their superior. Even, some do not have capability to deal with the matter. Better for them to let their superior to solve the problem.

Some of these mid level employees even do not know where and how to deal with the matter related to their function and position. They put their position equal like any other employees (their subordinate). They defend their subordinate instead of their superior. Are you familiar with this kind of person?

Research shows that 60-80% of workers are average. They are hard working, committed, but not being promoted. To be a successful leader or supervisor in your company, you have to be proactive and bring solutions to your superior.

People join a company because of financial compensation and reputation of the company. But as a leader, sometimes, we do not realise that they stay or leave because of the behaviour of the superior, colleagues, and recognition.

The most effective way to deal with difficult subordinates in the workplace is to first understand the different types of difficult personalities. Once these personalities are identified you can learn how to respond with strength and sensitivity through assertiveness leadership/supervisory training. Learn how to deal with difficult subordinates in the workplace by leading, driving, motivating, and transforming in a clear, direct and powerful way.

For example : Judy, your senior employee, has dominant character. Yola, your probation employee, has perfectionist character. How you can deal with them so they can get along? How if Yola feel being intimidated by Judy? How to make Judy can be open minded to Yola’s input?

Another example : Recently Yanto, a new employee, is being de-motivated and no longer have ambition to achieve monthly target. What type of situational leadership style to exercise with Yanto so he can have a passion to accomplish his target?

Footballers and all sports men can not play well if the rules are not clear. So do employees, they can not work well without clear rules. Therefore, it is the supervisor/leader’s job to enforce rules!

Various skills such as leadership, communication, coaching, counseling, goal setting, performance appraisal, will be intensively discussed in this program with the aim of developing you as a successful supervisor/leader and improving your existing skills.

B. Program Objectives :

After attending this program, participants will be better able to:

· understand their responsibilities, roles, and attitude as a supervisor/leader

· understand how to handle problems and take decisions

· identify the superior’s and subordinate’s character in order to cooperate effectively

· identify the superior’s and subordinate’s needs courteously and efficiently

· communicate professionally with the superior and subordinate

· resolve interpersonal conflict

· achieve desired outcomes for the organisation and themselves

· develop necessary skills to become a successful supervisor/leader

C. Who should attend :

This Program is recommended to all mid level managerial employees (supervisor, team leader, or those being promoted) who need to deal with superior and subordinate as part of their work role.

D. Methodology :

The course will be participative, involves discussion and sharing session, and based on participants' needs and experience. Skills practice, simulation or games, and role play to replicate 'difficult' scenarios in a safe experiential manner will be exercised. Practical activities will be debriefed and constructive feedback will be given to participants on how they can improve their skills. Where appropriate, insights from research and psychological models will be used.

E. Programs Coverage :

· Roles, responsibilities, and attitude of a star supervisor and leader

· How to handle problems and take decisions

· Managing conflict

· Identifying characters and coping with different personality types

· Common mistakes of a supervisor

· Implementing coaching and counseling techniques

· Implementing situational leadership styles

· Assertive communication

· Goal setting for individual and team

· Performance appraisal

F. Learning Partner :

Putera Lengkong, S.T., M.B.A.

Putera is recognised among his trainees for his excellent combination of applicable and theoretical training materials. His experience, in managing and directing the company, delivers him successfully to inspire and motivate others. His knowledge in automotive, finance, and retail industry supports him to confidently share his expertise to others. His area of expertise are : Leadership and supervising; Team Building and Creativity; Salesmanship; Service Excellence; Motivational and Change!; Communication, and so on.

He received his degree in industrial engineering from University of Atma Jaya, Yogyakarta in 2000. He received a scholarship to study his MBA at the Wolverhampton Business School, University of Wolverhampton, in the UK and completed his MBA in 2003.

His managerial experience in retail, education, automotive, and finance industry are a strong plus point for him to deliver this leadership/supervisory module.

His partnership and experience as a trainer in Pakis Foundation, Choice Management Consultants, and PT Inti Sumber Daya Manusia supports him to powerfully deliver the contents to his participants and to assist the learning process of his participants. His clients come from various background : multilevel marketing, education, bank, automotive, telecommunication, retail, NGO, media, and so on.

In conjunction with Bintang Dwi Nugroho Respati, Putera writes the Best Selling Book “Koleksi Games Seru : untuk Ice Breaker, Team Work, Leadership, Creativity, & High Ropes” (first in Indonesia complimented with VCD). For more information, please visit

The author also spare some of his time to generate ideas on personal development, self improvement, self motivation, leadership, communication, and marketing which can be accessed through his personal blog at

G. Total Participants :

There will be up to 25 (twenty five) participants in one class.

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