Jumat, 29 Juni 2007

Thank God - Why I'm So Special???

Jennie S. Bev in her blog http://www.jennieforindonesia.com/?p=341 arranges contest of article-writing with topic

“Why I’m So Special?”

Jennie is known for her book “Success Mindset” and “The Greatest Success Secret”

The simple answer is because NO ONE is exactly the same with me. God creates me differently from others.

I feel so special every day because I always say “Thank You God for what I have been blessed and gifted” and “Thank You God for what I am blessed and gifted”.

The point of Why I’m So Special is Thank God!

Below are some points of Why I’m So Special: (The rule here is I compare with most people in the world)

Thank God because I still have parents. Both of them! Some don’t have (die, divorce, some even don’t know who their parents are)
Thank God because I have all my brothers worked.
Thank God because I have jobs. I’m not unemployment. Most don’t have a job.
Thank God because I can eat proper food 3 times a day. Most can’t even have 1 time for a day
Thank God because I am healthy
Thank God because I have my own car
Thank God because I have my own apartment. Most don’t have house
Thank God because I have many friends supporting me
Thank God because I learn something new from Jennie’s blog
Thank God because I am alive today!
And a lot more…

In this moment, I want to ask readers to do exactly the same thing to Thank God. Please write down at least 10 reasons for Thank God! Starting now…!

Even if you do not know what to Thank God, just write down anything! Anything! Feel and try to compare with most people out there how special you are!

I assure you afterwards you will feel so special, so blessed, and so gifted…!

Take action Miracle happens, No Action Nothing happens!

Good luck and best wishes to you all!

Putera Lengkong
Director, Motivator, Trainer

Thank God is an absolute way to attract more goodness and kindness into your life ~ Marci Shimoff

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Tema kontes dari mbak jennie rada-rada narsis, tapi hebatnya banyak tulisan justeru mengantar kita pada satu pemahaman: Tuhanlah pemberi keunikan pada kita..!
Tulisan yang menarik, mas..